I am a Ph.D. student in Data Science Group, The University of Queensland, Australia. My research interests include Data Exploration, Data Mining and Visualization, and Machine Learning. I got my master degree from Advanced Network Lab, Chonnam National University, South Korea.

When I was in my master degree, I collected smartphone sensors data (i.e., accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, gps, etc) and analyzed these data. I proposed a new way to compute the similarity between human activity based on their smartphone sensor dataset. In the end, I built a model of the human activity and used that model for human identification. Here the published paper of my work.

Currently, my PhD project is about visualization recommendation systems. The goal of my project is to propose a scheme that can automatically recommend the most interesting visualizations from your data set. My first publication from this project “DiVE: Diversifying View Recommendation for Visual Data Exploration” can be downloaded through these links: 1) ACM download 2) Research gate 3) ielab.